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aside from missing you, this year has been pretty good.

- Beyonce concert

- surfing

- Majorca, Barcelona, Madrid, Vigo!

- graduation :)

Made many excuses as to when I should send you a message, and now it’s just a matter of plucking up the courage to do it. Why are we attracted to the things that are bad for us?

Are you happy with yourself? Time to step out of the comfort zone.

Almost a year yet I still think about you everyday. Easy for people to say just move on, but I can’t. 

And i hope that one day, when i come back here after a long while, that i’ll be living the life of my dreams and that all the worrying and internal hardship, would be worth it. Don’t lose faith in yourself, you can do this.

Should never let the thought of being not good enough creep into our minds. No giving up. Last push. No regrets. 

At the end, you start thinking back to the beginning. I had a good time here, the only regret would be not enjoying every moment as much as i should’ve. You’ll always be part of the memories I had here, the best ones. Now I can’t help but think, if you felt the same, if you miss me too. 

People always say “you look so happy” but if only they knew

It’s funny because usually I’m the one who’s weary at the beginning of a relationship. Yet at the end I end up hurting more.

Failure means different things to different people. I got a 66 and yet the disappointment I feel may be considered disproportionate to some, but I do honestly believe I worked hard. It should’ve been enough. But it wasn’t.