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this time feels worst than the last.

take everything at face value.

Woke up loving you, missing you even more.

How am I gonna survive thinking you might not feel the same?

Or that I can’t do anything about it…

Just met you today after a year and now I can’t sleep. Losing sleep over you. Now all those sleepless nights before this make sense.

The worst case scenario i concocted in my mind, isn’t the reality.  Girls and our overthinking. Goshh

naivety; to still hope. 

So we met today, it triggered much stronger emotions that I thought it would. Now, it seems like i’m back at the beginning, having to get over it all over again. 

It’s now in your hands. I keep reminding myself that nothing can happen. But hope is so stubborn.

the difference is, then you were mine.

i need to remind myself that you gave up on me.

Some days i just feel so done with this life. Just wanna run away.