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People always say “you look so happy” but if only they knew

It’s funny because usually I’m the one who’s weary at the beginning of a relationship. Yet at the end I end up hurting more.

Failure means different things to different people. I got a 66 and yet the disappointment I feel may be considered disproportionate to some, but I do honestly believe I worked hard. It should’ve been enough. But it wasn’t. 

it’s funny, because I have this problem that I really want to talk to you about. Yet, if you were in my life, it wouldn’t be a problem at all. If you were still in my life, the solution would be simple. If. But you’re not.

feeling so tired, mentally. so much to do and yet no desire to do it at all.

first class seems so far away…

your birthday is soon, and maybe that will be our goodbye. 

or hello again.

i know what i want it to be, but i know which it will be instead.

note to self: not the time to be stupid.

i focused too much on how  i broke you to realize that actually, i’m broken too.

downward spiral.

Am I what’s keeping me from moving forward?

Seeing her mention your name… It ignited a pain I didn’t realize was still there. 

I wonder if you think of me at all, because you definitely did not leave mine.

to disregard the pressure.

I put enough pressure on myself without needing this added pressure. I know they’re trying to be encouraging but it seems a bit detrimental right now…